Aquatica is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Aquarium design, installation and maintenance. Whatever your needs or wishes, you can be assured that we will provide you with a first class service to recreate the natural beauty of an underwater aquatic ecosystem.



Whether it be a small standalone aquarium you are seeking advice on, or design of a large contemporary feature tank seamlessly incorporated into its surroundings, Aquatica can manage and supervise all aspects of aquarium design. Our expertise covers a wide range of complexities and locations from small domestic residential aquaria to large commercial developments. We specialise in bespoke contemporary design.

We will consult closely with you to gain a precise understanding of your initial wishes and vision so as to best advise on the feasibility and integration with your property’s architecture and interior style. For larger projects, we work closely with renowned architects who have forged a reputation for high end residential work to ensure a seamless and integrated look. We personally oversee every stage of the process to deliver your dream and vision utilising the very latest technologies in filtration and lighting.

Our design services include:

  • Initial consultation

  • Liaison with architects

  • Quotation and budget planning

  • Project management

  • Site study and liaison with structural engineers

  • Architectural planning and drawing



Maintaining a beautiful aquarium takes time and experience and we can provide an on-going reliable service contract. Our professional team of engineers and experts has enormous experience in the establishment of a balanced and flourishing eco-system and maintenance of a healthy aquatic environment whether it be a freshwater tank or pond, marine or coral reef system. Depending on your wishes, experience and lifestyle, we will advise on the recommended frequency of maintenance visits and devise a schedule for you. We are committed to providing a first-class customer focused service that is responsive, reliable and competitively priced which allows you to relax and enjoy the outstanding beauty of your aquarium.
We source the highest quality livestock from ethical suppliers who are equally as passionate about sustainability and quarantine them in our carefully monitored holding aquaria to ensure they are delivered to you in prime condition. Our corals are supplied by one of Europe’s largest coral farms thereby avoiding damage to the environment.
We provide a 24-hour helpline and emergency response facility for our clients to give you the additional peace of mind.


Our structural engineer will work alongside the architects to ensure the necessary structural integrity and support for any construction, taking into account the weight of the filled tank and required utilities/ plumbing. Our tank constructors are some of the most experienced in the UK with an emphasis on longevity and strength of construction of their tanks, routinely using thicker glass than structurally required for that additional reassurance.

Aquatica keeps up to date with the latest aquatic technologies and will design and install a custom filtration and lighting system to meet the needs of your new aquarium. Modern advances allow remote monitoring and adjustment which enable systems to be increasingly automated thereby improving water quality and health of the tank and fish.